Monday, April 6, 2009

Trip to Texas

In March, I had the golden opportunity to fly to Midland, Texas to visit neice Katie, Joe
and Taylor! Taylor is just amazing how at 2-1/2 years old and full of energy and wanting
to discover everything. It was a great trip. The morning I left, it was 24 and had frosted,
Texas was very, very windy and chilly and the day I returned we were scheduled for
snow flurries....hummmmmm!!!

Taylor and I discussing her new bathing suit that Mamaw Starkey had sent to her for Easter. She liked it so well, we took our evening bath in it!!!!
Taylor and I having a nosy conversation!!

Taylor cleaned out her toy basket and then hopped in! A perfect opportunity for this great
morning picture of her.
On a day that was just toooo windy to go to the park, we explored her backyard. We found
holes in the trees that we filled with little sticks, we went on an expedition to find all of the
lose rocks in the yard and she lined them up beside the middle tree, we found bird feathers
and we tickled each other with them and we even played peek-a-boo for the longest time!!

A cheesy morning smile amid the toy basket.
Taylor dancing in her new bathing suit on her new floor puzzle from Mamaw Starkey!!
Look at those legs go!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Cabin....

Jane's New Blog!

This site has been created to follow Jane's journey through retirement and all the fun things she gets to do now!!